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DevOps requires core resources that can be implemented on any recent 64-bit laptop (x86/AMD64) with Virtualization Technology. You can use free tools like VirtualBox and Linux to learn DevOps on the cheap. With this eBook you will learn the core competencies that can be applied to any bare-hardware physical host or cloud based services. This configuration was tested as part of preparing the instructional material for California’s first DevOps A.S. Degree or Certificate. Because you are using your own system, the cloud service spend-o-meter is NOT ticking and you incur no costs beyond what is required to get a Linux capable system. Systems with virtualization technology have been around since 2005! More than two decade. They are often available for next-to-nothing or entirely free as a hand-me-down when someone upgrades.

The course for which this guide was created is CIS 178 Build Automation for DevOps and QA. It gives you the foundation so you can implement scripted systems configuration for Docker, AWS, Azure, and more. The detailed skills require a full course: CIS 107 Administering Cloud Services and Containers and CIS 108 Scripting for Systems Automation and Data Analysis. The set of courses is available as an elective in the Computer Science degree program which equips you to be a Solo-preneur: designing, creating, and delivering finished software products as a one-person, low-overhead operation. Submit the form below to receive the FREE eBook and be notified of course offerings.