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Build Your Own Artificial Intelligence Development System

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High Performance Computing (HPC) is used in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Scientific Simulations. It is enabled by the computational capabilities of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), and Advanced Vector eXtensiopn Instructions (AVX) built into many modern Central Processing Units (CPUs.) Utilizing these resources in your programs requires that you have a computer with these capabilities either built into the CPU like intel or AMD accelerators, or NVIDIA GPUs. However figuring out the right combinations of libraries, drivers, and compilers is not a simple task. In this eBook you will find recipes that use recent, coordinated initiatives from hardware and software providers that allow you to execute AI, Machine Learning projects as a pathway to creating your own software. The completed worksation is ready for any of the courses and electives in the Computer Science pathway.

There have been great leaps in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) toolchain that have stabilized and simplified software Development. NVIDIA, Google, intel, AMD, and Khronos group have done some heavy lifting to make all your hardware: GPU, CPU, FPGA work together to accelerate High Performance Computing. Here are detailed instructions on using Free/Open Source Software (F/OSS) tools to create your own, tested and proven AI Software Development workstation. This workstation can be used to complete the entire Computer Science major courses as well as specialized courses including:

  1. CS 020 – Python Application Programming
  2. CIS 008 -- Introduction to Parallel and Cloud Computing
  3. CS 006 – Introduction to Parallel, GPU, and Cloud Computing
  4. CS 060 – Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning
These require integrated stable software stack that includes Tensorflow, Accelerated Python, Scikit-Learn, CUDA,SYCL, oneAPI/DPC and more. This eBook will show you how to get the tools, install them, be up and running. Complete this guide before you start any of the online courses so your system will be ready on day One! You will be notified of course offerings.