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Request your Free C-Naps Neural Network Source Code, and Raspberry Pi/Arduino/Jetson Guide

This eBook bundle includes my thesis on Neural Networks whch explains in detail how they work, the data format of the all the files used in the C-Naps Neural Network Simulator, and code for the C-Naps Free/Open Source Software. It also contains implementation guides to get you started. The Arduino Implmentation Guide gets you get up and running using the Aruino IDE v2.03 or later, where computation is performed entirely on the CPU. Getting the most out of it requires you have some experience with the "C" programming language. This experience will enable you to extend the functionality in the C-Naps software and add new functions as your project requires. A good resource to acquire or refresh these skills is CS 001 Introuction to Open Source Software and Computer Science (Pending).

The Jetson Nano can execute the C-Naps Neural Network simulator entirely on the CPU. However, it contains a CUDA capbable NVIDIA GPU that lets you offload the Neural Network calculations while the CPU continues general processing in parallel. By using the NVIDIA libraries you get access to a broad range of solutions for different domains including: Vision Processing, Image Processing, Audio Processing, and Robotics. To gain the benefit of this capability, you can take one of the course designed to give you these tools: CIS 008 Introduction to Parallel and Cloud Programminbg or CS 006 Introduction to Parallel, GPU, and Cloud Computation". To get the most out of your hardware, your existing skills in C/C++ need to be current. If you need to acquire or refresh your skills skills you can take either: CIS 007 Control Structures and Objects or CS 002 Control Structures and Objects (Pending). These courses are identical but cross-listed because they live in two different disciplines: Computer Information Systems (CIS) and Computer Science (CS.) When you are ready for more advanced applictions, the course CS 060 Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning is availble stand-alone or as part of the Computer Science Program, Submit the form above to receive a link to your FREE bundle by email. You will be notified of updates and course offerings for this topic.