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In addition to career opportunities you discover on your own, each of our program pathways map directly into co-op, apprenticeship, career entry/upskilling, and entrepreneur/solopreneur opportunities. Individual courses enable you to upgrade your skills, while the combination of courses in a program are designed to match well-defined job skills and roles. If you are accepted into an apprenticeship, you are matched with an employer at the start of the program. You earn a wage and all education costs and equipment are paid for. With a Cooperative Education (COPED) course, you earn a wage while completing coursework in your field. Evidence of your work experience is proven by an entry on your college transcript.

Artificial Intelligence and Deep/Machine Learning

In addition to being able to write software, employers are asking for skills in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science (AI/ML/DS.) This is an area of special focus for Bitbucket Academy.
Artificial Intelligence Hierarchy - Machine Learning is a subset of AI
How do you get your basic coding skills and move into writing Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science (AI/ML/DS) applications? First, you build your own personal AI/ML/DS computer using my free step-by-step guide. You can do this using Free/Open Source Software (F/OSS) so the cost to get started is low. Once you have completed this guide you will have a machine that can be used for the entry level coding courses as well as Artificial Intelligence courses. You can do it all on the the same machine.

You can learn transfer-level coding fundamentals with courses that count toward a Computer Science Bachelor's degree in the UC, CSU, and CalPoly systems. In addition our program electives provide a focus on workforce competencies in Machine Learning, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is an area of passion and rigorous research for our CEO and Founder. He completed his Master of Science in Computer Science with a thesis on Neural Networks. His graduate thesis on pattern analysis in training Neural Networks anticipated the revelation of emergent patterns in trained Neural Networks. Similarly, along with the emergence of sub-network patterns, networks evolve an internal representational language. Imposing an intentional language caused a minimum of 63% speed up in training time. Training is the most time-consuming element of developing Neural Networks. The C-Naps Neural Network Simulator is freely available for download under Free/Open Source Software License.

Our ongoing work to gain better Neural Network performance drives the deep analysis of CPU/GPU instruction sets, optimizations, and architecture found here on Bitbucket Academy. It also compels efforts to stay up-to-date with advances like CUDA, cuDNN, intel oneAPI, DPC++, Pandas, Tensorflow, Scikit-Learn, Accelerated Python, and SYCL. You get the benefit of guidance on how to weave these tools together and construct your own modern, integrated AI tool-chain that is also compatible with traditional software development systems and languages.


You can build a DevOps workstation from a laptop or desktop that is currently computer just gathering dust. DevOps requires a CPU with hardware that that accelerates Virtual Machines (VMs). Luckily, the technology for hardware assisted acceleration of VMs has been shipping intel, AMD, and VIA processors since 2005! To get up and running with DevOps, you simply have to enable VM acceleration int he BIOS and follow our step-by-step guide to install software and validate your setup.

All the skills and competencies you gain using Free/Open Source Software are easily transferred to Docker/AWS/Azure as they represent fundamental topics tata are part of the Information Technology Model Curriculum (ITMC). Try our FREE DevOps mini-course that goes along with the free DevOps eBook.


Our founder and CEO leads the Merritt College Cybersecurity program. This program is one of the top Cybersecurity programs in the United States of America and the only state aproved 2-year Cybersecurity degree and certificate programs. You can try your hand at ethical hacking and see if Cybersecurity is for you. The courses are credit eligible and count as program progress toward an internationally recognized degree or certificate.

Bitbucket Academy is facilitating a Software Development Apprenticeship in Cybersecurity as part of The California Apprenticeship Initiative (CAI) New and innovative Grant Program. This program is designed toconfer an A.S. Degree in Computer Science specializing in software development for Cybersecurity. This corresponds to elective groups A and B in the Computer Science program pathway. It is implemented as a collaboration between Merritt College, the CISE Sponspored Merritt Cybersecurity Program, Rightvarsity Immersion Technologies, and Love Never Fails ITBiz program. Interested candidates should complete the online form to learn about the application process.

Opportunities: Certification, Co-Op Work Experience, Apprenticeship

To give our students the opportunity to gain recognized, real world job experience, each of our programs have engaged with the following organizations. Students must apply and acceptance is not guaranteed. The number of slots available vary, and each has their own application and timeline.


California Apprenticeship Initiative
Cybersecurity Apprnticeship - Apply Now

The California Apprenticeship Initiative (CAI) is a grant offered by the CCCCO to support the creation of new apprenticeships and pre-apprenticeship training programs. It's main purpose is making sure students from all backgrounds succeed in reaching their goals and improving their families and communities. An apprenticeship is a combination of employment, on-the-job training (OJT), and related classroom instruction that takes place under the supervision of a journey-level craft person or trade professional. If accepted, you will br matched with an employer and all education costs are covered by the program.Click this link If you are interested in applying to be a Cybersecurity software apprentice.


Employment Traininng Panel
Project Management Co-Op/DevOps - Apply Now

The Employment Training Panel (ETP) provides funding to employers to assist in upgrading the skills of their workers through training that leads to good paying, long-term jobs. New hires and employed workers in the state of California can apply to access free training with Merritt Community college. The recomended pathway is through our Computer Project Management program which enables the non-technical person to manage technology projects. This certificate stacks with other courses to lead to a DevOps degree. Co-op employment opportunities are available. It can be accessed through the ITBiz collaboration with Love Never Fails. Click this link to submit a form expressing your interest.

Nasa Technology Transfer Program Logo

NASA Technology Transfer Program
Software Entrepreneurship - Apply Now

The NASA Technology Transfer program ensures that innovations developed for exploration and discovery are broadly available to the public, maximizing the benefit to the Nation. Browse through thousands of technologies that can give your business that competitive edge everyone is looking for! NASA's Software Catalog offers hundreds of new software programs you can download for free to use in a wide variety of technical applications. This aligns with our Computer Science proogram. This pathway is perfect for entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs. Click this link to submit a form indicating your interest.

Neural Networks on Arduino

Neural Networks from First Principles with Arduino - Coding - Apply Now

You can learn about Neural Networks from the ground up with an Arduino kit and the C-Naps Open Source Software project. The Arduino ecosystem provides a rich variety of sensors, actuators, displays, and connectivity services.

This is the perfect, low-cost environment to experiment with Neural Networks. Neural Networks can can convert input from the many Arduino sensors into real-world actions. Neural Networks are modeled on the anatomy of living things which use nerves to carry sensory input to a brain-cluster that interprets the signals and drives physical activity.Click this link to request your FREE Neural Network starter bundle

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certification

Amazon Web Services Certification - DevOps Apply Now

AWS Certification is available only through co-enrollment in Merritt College courses. Enroolment with Merritt also provides access to vouchers that give you a discount on certification exams. The full AWS pathway is available:

  1. Practitioner
  2. Operations
  3. Architect
  4. Developer
  5. Machine Learning
This pathway corresponds to Elective Group E Cloud Systems and Services in the DevOps Certificate and Degree program. Click this link to submit a form indicating your interest In becoming AWS Certified through Bitbucket Academy and Merritt College.

Jetson Nano Single Board Computer

Embedded Neural Networks with NVIDIA Jetson Nano and GPU - Coding Apply Now

The Jetson Nano is a complete Linux system with a CUDA capable Graphics Processing Unit. It is part of an experimentation and education ecosystem with many resources to give you a jump-start in your project. With the full Linux system at your disposal you can bridge the context between your First Principles Neural network into the next dimension of your imagination which can encommpass ML o the amazon cloud. The C-Naps system that you started with also works here. You can have the perfect A/B configuration to upscale your project to toolkits like cuDNN, Tensorflow, and robust libraries that will take you to the cloud. Click this link to request your FREE Neural Network starter bundle.

Our Support Services

Our services are designed to support your success in mastering technology and and launching your career. Through partnership with existing commuinty organizations, you have access to wrap-around services that help you meet your needs so you can achieve your goals.

YouTube Channel Logo

Bitbucket Academy YouTube Channel

Most courses have a playlist of tutorial videos available on YouTube. These provide detailed guidance to completing required tasks for a course. Be sure to subscribe to the channel so you can be notified when new course playlists are added. This service is aligned with the instructional design of California state-approved curriculum. The self-paced courses, though not available for credit, are an eact match for the credit courses. For more detailed info see Blogs and FREE eBooks on DevOps and AI Software Development.

Love Never Fails Logo

Love Never Fails

ITbiz is a sustainable technical education for underserved community members. It is a Cisco Networking Academy and California state-certified Cybersecurity Pre-apprenticeship program. Students who have experienced the following hardships should apply: Low/No Income, Unemployment, Foster Care, Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence, Physical or Sexual Abuse, Disability, Undocumented, Homelessness. They also provide a set of FREE non-credit course and Certificate in Career Readiness. in association with Merritt College


Access to Silicon Valley Experts

The Consortium of Information Systems Executives (CISE)developed a partnership with Merritt College, creating an affordable way for people to learn the necessary skills to launch a highly rewarding career in cybersecurity. Industry professionals from more than 50 Bay Area companies worked together to develop a program that has set a new standard. As one of the first community colleges to offer a cybersecurity degree accredited by the state of California, our program continues to lead the way in both quality and results.

Rightvarsity Logo

Registered Apprenticeships

Rightvarsity Technologies, LLC holds Registered Apprentieships (RA) with the United States Depatment of Labor (DOL), and the California Department of Industrial Relations (CA-DIR.)Merritt College is a Local Education Agency (LEA) for its programs. There are currently apprenticeships in Cybersecurity and Computer Science available as part of the California Apprenticeship Initiative. Click this link to begin your application for an apprenticeship.

Merritt College Logo

Merritt College Student Success Programs

Merritt College students have access to a wealth of student success programs and counseling resourcesThe Merrit Job Hub is where students who have completed their studies can register for online recruitment and job-matching opportunities with local employers. There are programs designed to support specific populations of students. Download this PDF of Student Support Program descriptions and action links to find yours.

Merritt College Logo

Technology Department Cyber Center

Merritt Campus serves as a hub for regional enrichment activities. These include summer cybersecurity camps, and activities such as the Brothers Code regional gathering in partnership with the Hidden Genius Project. We host an annual career fair for Cybersecurity students where they can meet potential employers and create opportunities to get hired. In addition the Cybersecurity student club "BangNULL" invites participation in Hackathons and competitions such as the National Cyber League (NCL.)

About us

Bitbucket Academy was created to introduce new ways of mastering technology. Historically, the limited number of qualified teachers and teaching assistants meant students were given only one chance to submit work and receive a grade. This makes for a stressful, high-risk experience in the study of Computer Science and related disciplines. This high-stakes experience has a negative effect on a person's mental health. Bitbucket Academy was created to provide a better and more supportive way to learn.

Bitbucket Academy has changed the online technoloty education paradigm for the better by leveraging advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), DevOps, and heuristics. Bitbucket Academy provides ways for students to immediately evaluate how correct their work is with the push of a button. Many of the courses are designed to provide interactive feedback that lets students improve their work before submitting it for a final grade. Students also can subscribe to the Bitbucket Academy YouTube Channel. There are playlists for courses containing helpful video tutorials.

Number of Students Who Have Completed Courses on Bitbucket Academy


Percentage of Cybersecurity Grads Working Their Chosen Profession


Percentage of Cybersecurity Grads Achieving Living Wage for SF Bay Area


Percentage Growth in Information Security Jobs 2020-2025 in SF Bay Area


The Team

We regularly use current practitioners to guide development of our courses and deliver instruction. We review our course content and course outlines every 2 years to ensure that you get the most up-to-date skills that contribute to success in your chosen career. This is done within a rigorous framework that aligns course content with the California Depatment of Industrial Relations (state) and federal Depatment of Labor (DOL) workplace standards for technology careers and apprenticeships. This Competency Based Occupational Framework (CBOF) for Information Technology means that the contents of our courses and programs are directly aligned to confer the competencies that enable you to succeed in a specific workplace role and title. In addition to aligning with the workplace competencies of the CBOF model, the Merritt Cybersecurity Program also aligns with the National Initiative for Cybersecurities Careers and Studies facilitating transfer for continued education and studies.

You don't need to do any guesswork or gamble on a bootcamp to get a job in tech. Bitbucket Academy courses are based on Labor Market Information and it's state-approved programs lead to successful careers in technology. The table on our Portfolio page includes links to a job search that matches each program.This Labor Market Information (LMI) is NOT a guarantee of you getting a job at a particular salary.

Neither Bitbucket Academy nor Merritt College directly implements apprenticeships, instead we have partnered with Intermediaries that hold both DOL and CA-DIR Registered Apprenticeships. Apprenticeship intermediaries manage a student's progress from apprentice to journeyman in both wage and title. Academic Related and Supplemental Instruction (RSI) is coordinated with On-the-Job-Training (OJT) managed by the employe and intermediary. This serves both local employers and the apprentice's needs. Bitbucket Academy provides an innovative and incusive online technical training platform for accredited curriculum. Employers and applicants interested in technology apprenticeships should download the corresponding, comprehensive guides for: Software/Application Development apprenticeships, DevOps apprenticeships, and or Cybersecuriy apprrenticeships. Employers interested in creating, or applicants interested in applying for apprenticeship positions should also use the resources avalable at and the Apprenticeship Fact Sheet. These resources highlight the proven history that 93% of apprentices who complete a Registered Apprenticeship retain employment with an average annual salary of $77,000.

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CEO & Founder

Inventor (Twitter) Electrical Engineer, Comouter Scientist, Neural Network Specialist
AWS Academy Educator

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UI/UX Designer

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Blog Posts

We encourage our instructors to provide a personal view of their areas of interest. Links to some of their Blogs can be found below. Some of the most interesting and useful posts come when a pracitioner simply talks about their community of practice. This often provides more useful insights that looking through the "tunnel-vision" of completing a project. As you might be able to see from our founder's Visual Resume I have delivered solutions for huge problems that span domains. If you are ready for tools to break down the walls that box in your code, this Blog is for you.

Cluster of Supercomputers How to Solve Hardware and Software Challenges When Developing Big Code - Download Your FREE eBook!

November 26, 2021 in Software Development - For people who write big code and analyze big data. My programs regularly bump up against the limits of my development computer. My research areas of Artificial Intelligence and Semantic Analysis have hit about 144Gig (as of 17-November 2020) of Memory during the exploration phase. This blog dicusses techniques I have used to move beyond the limitations of PCIE bus data transfers and the forced-serialization of initializing data structures at start-up. This includes hardware solutions (I am an Electrical Engineer after all) like: (1) Configuring an ASUS Raid 0 with SSD whre each has their own 4xPCIE lane. (2) Memory Mapping the Data files to avoid the buffer and SLAB subsystem (Linux/Unix) and (3) Imposing partitions on the data and having a worker group of pthreads work on each partition.

In recent years software development tool providers have taken steps to create common ground for interoperability between compilers, libraries, and hardware acceleration. The intel DPC++ compatibility tool is just one amazing example of this. This means the development environment that supports you developing big code is no longer as brittle. But still questions remain: Are the intrinsic parallelization capablities of C++ implemented consistently? What is the best toolchain strategy that lets me focus on my domain specific code? How do avoid basing key, domain-essential code on features that are likely to be abandoned or deprecated? I may not provide solutions but I offer you the option to learn from our mistakes. Solutions Considered While Developing California's first ever DevOps Degree and Certificate for Merritt College - Download Your FREE eBook!

June 26, 2021 in DevOps

I have developed many DevOps infrastructure solutions for professional clients using everything from bare-metal VMs to containers. When I boiled down the core competencies that someone entering the DevOps field must master I wound up developing a course CIS 178 Build Automation for DevOps and QA That relied on the simplest possible configuration: A 64-bit multi core laptop running Linux and VirtualBox. Students were able to do all the network configuration needed, set up clients, servrs and automation harnesses like Jenkins.

But what should I do with all the other material that did not make it into the highly-structured course or the brand new California state-approved Degree or Certificate? Why, put it in a blog of course, this blog right here. Where a credit-instruction course must use consistent resources that expose all the necessary dials and switches to complete an exercise, in industry you want to use something pre-made that is close to the intended design. If there is not a pre-made container? The competencies instilled in the course give you the skills to make your own container. Here you you will find a wide-ranging narrative that reflects options on how to use the tools available to the DevOps professional. You will get the most benefit if you download the eBook prior to starting the course and subscribe to the Bitbucket Academy YouTube channel. Project Management for Cybersecurity - How QA and Project Management Accelerate Vulnerability Detection and Mitigation

August 26, 2022 in Cybersecurity

Anyone who has ever done their own software testing, or even more challenging, done professional testing as a Quality Assurance (QA) analyst knows there is never enough time available. The course CIS 178 Build Automation for DevOps and QA has several modules on how to design the smallest number of tests that give the most coverage and identify significant issues. Yet this does not fit neatly into the Jam-packed cybersecurity program... unless you select the DevSecOps elective from the Computer Science degreee or Certificate, or select the DevSecOps elective from the DevOps degree or certificate. The only difference is the surrounding academic preparation. A software developer with a Computer Science degree or certificate can take automation of detection and mitigation to whole new scale. Someone with a DevOps degree or certificate can cross domains of hardware, network, client, server, and database with the ease of a native to find the root cause of an attack as well as distinguish what is the ultimate goal and high-value target.

The Computer Project management Program is an intersectional certification with several options. It fits well with practitioners working in the Cybersecurity industry who want to level-up their effectiveness. The Group C elective in Computer Project Management certificate stacks with Cybersecurity courses you have already taken to let you quickly earn a salary and title upgrade. One additional course confers the scripting competency - CIS 108 - Scripting for Automation and Data Analysis available at Merritt College. When combined with CIS 178 Build Automation for DevOps and QA you will be ready to take your existing experience to another level of ability to design a small number of tests that reveal a large number of issues in a small window of time. All of this accelerate by automation.

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Language is power and when your team communicates using the same common language they are more powerful, efficient, and effective. Our coding courses are designed to be community focused. The shared experience of coding and communication strengthens team bonds and levels-up their entire skill set. Let us construct a customized bootcamp experience for you. Complete this form if you are intereted in contract education for an existing program or a specifically curated set of courses. Please be sure to include the desired group size.

You should also complete this form if you are an organization interested in ongoing partnership with Bitbucket Academy and its accredited courses as a platform. We can provide you access to up-to-date, rigorous, accredited education in technology subjects.